Dare to Realign

Dare to Realign is an either 2,5 days or 5 days program for small groups (up to 10 persons) that offers private guidance for those feeling any kind of loss, whether it be death, divorce, business, or a significant life change, or any other inner state of stuckness or emptiness. In intimate sessions, this transformational approach teaches leaders to utilize the power of integrating unwanted emotions like grief, shame, anger and fear as a gateway to true wholeness, perspective, consciousness, and inner alignment.

As a Mental Health Counselor specializing in realignment work, Christiane zu Salm teaches accomplished leaders who feel stuck, burned out or empty inside how to grieve losses so they can reconnect with themselves, repair their relationships, diminish their regrets, and find sustained meaning in their lives. 

The truth is, many high-achieving individuals find themselves chasing goal after goal, endlessly seeking to discover that one missing thing that will finally make them feel better. Yet they never succeed in this quest. This leaves them with a void that can’t be filled with money and success. 

In early 2023, we will announce new dates, places and prices for 2,5 days and 5 days Realignment Workshops with Christiane. We are also offering tailor-made retreats for companies. Please reach out to office@christianezusalm.com for further information.

“The secret to Christiane’s success with people is that she is enormously attentive, empathetic, and intelligent. Her work is truly profound.”

-Marc Walder, CEO Ringier Media