In today’s episode, we are talking with our guest Connie Steele about what really matters in the future of work for the millennials and Gen Z. A 10 years business strategist and marketing consultant with her own firm Flywheel Associates, Connie is sharing with us in the first part of this episode her story, how she found the courage to pivot out of a corporate role, as she felt she “wasn’t’ able to be all of me”, as she puts it, as the youngest, a female and employee with children. At the time, work, whatever it would be, needed to fit into her life – and not the other way round. Since this has shifted enormously over the last years, Connie has conducted an and recently published an interesting study on the New World of Work and Life, in which she wanted to understand what do people really want out of work, career and life. In the second part of our conversation, she is talking about the key findings of the study, which are fundamentally about aligning personal purpose and professional advancement.

So what does it take for companies to make that happen so that their employees can be successful? How do you really achieve alignment? – I’m asking her. I was intrigued by Connie’s energy – which I felt to be much in alignment – with which she wants to progress what is a matter of her heart. “As my legacy…” she says, “ I want to bridge the gap that commonly exists within people and that in organizations, such that we can come together with a shared understanding. This is how we can create momentum collectively”.

Connie Steele, we’re excited to have you as our guest on Before It’s Too Late today!

Her recently published book “Building the Business of You: A System to Align Passion and Growth Potential Through Your Own Career Mash-Up” is the first book to help professionals and entrepreneurs navigate the new world of work while aligning personal purpose and professional advancement. It is available on amazon.

The study is available at