We are very excited to speak with community-based sociologist and criminologist Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis today. Kimya is invested in supporting the needs of people with minoritized and underserved demographic-and-cultural identities and experiences. In this important conversation, you will learn from her why she is criticizing the typical diversity, inclusion and antiracism trainings especially at schools, police departments and medical-health providers. She is talking about why she finds these trainings and workshops a waste of time, how no change will be achieved by them but what needs to be done in order to move the needle to more equity.

I was very impressed by how bluntly and honestly she is calling out the power majorities who will claim “…that they have made an effort and then feel good about it”, but not changing anything.  “Every human has prejudice, every human has assumptions and bias, the difference is in the people having the ability to act on it”, Kimya makes clear. We will hear from her, how she encourages people to focus on the outcome wanted: focus on what’s happening in families, communities, schools and changing policies and practices there, not waiting for the laws. And: read literature!

Let’s listen to Dr.Kimya Nuru Dennis on Before It’s Too Late today!