In today’s episode, my guest is 34 years-old certified nutritionist and mother Myrna Scales. When her second son was only 4 months old, he was diagnosed with cancer. In this conversation Myrna shares with us how she and her husband got through this diagnosis, what it meant for the baby’s sibling, and how the survival of her child has changed her values and the way she prays. “Formerly, I used to pray like I was in control of what was going to happen. Or I was telling God what I wanted and it had to happen. Now, my prayers are of true worship of what I am being given, every single day”, she says.

During the time after the diagnosis and the following months, Myrna found it hard to talk to other parents that didn’t know what she was going through. This is why she found and further built a network for parents of children with chronic illnesses and special needs.  The pandemic and its isolating effect eventually pushed her to start her own youtube channel – for parents that feel alone with their situation (like she did initially). Myrna is giving health tips, tips how to manage stress, how to learn more about differing emotional structures of parents,  how to manage anxiety, and also shares different bible verses that helped her.

We’re grateful to have you as our guest on Before It’s Too Late today, Myrna Scales!