It makes me very happy to have Marc Walder as my guest in today’s episode. Marc is the CEO and managing partner at Ringier AG. Ringier was founded in 1833 and is a family-owned, innovative and diversified Swiss media company that is active in Europe, Africa and Asia. It fascinates me that Marc has learned his leadership skills and attitude towards life somewhere else: namely on the tennis court. When he was a young boy, he started his career as a professional tennis player, renouncing from an early age to a normal youth. We will hear from him in this episode, why he never regretted this, as he explains his biggest learnings: “It’s worth to challenge yourself, it’s worth to fight and train for things, and it’s even worth to lose”, Marc says. Also, the ability to focus on the present moment and the awareness, that whatever you do, focus on that what you do in that moment. Even with small things.   

When he broke his shoulder, Marc’s life came to a full stop. He shares with us, how it felt to him not knowing what to do next with his life, with no proper education and no network outside the tennis world. How he found the courage to step into the unknown and eventually became a very successful leader and CEO of an international media company, showing a lot of stamina. This is how he grew into his profound attitude, that “the next door is always the next opportunity”. Also, I really like what wisdom Marc wants to convey to his kids and how he wants be remembered….but listen for yourself!

We’re proud to have you as our guest on Before It’s Too Late today, Marc!