In our last episode of season 1, we are talking to a special guest from Ghana, Lieutenant Colonel Alex Cann. He currently serves as Deputy Operations Officer at the Ghana Army in Africa and is also delivering international UN peacekeeping advice to the Chief of his Army. His specialty is conflict solving, a skill that is becoming increasingly important at a time when global societies need to redefine what it means to be human.

 I was very intrigued by his approach towards conflict solving, which is: deploying wisdom.

 This is also why he is studying philosophy next to his main job. ‘No society can ever avoid conflict. So, how do we address that?’

Alex , who has been on conflict solving missions in South Sudan, Mali and the Democratic Republic of Kongo, explains in our great conversation how his team identifies the root cause of the conflict and then bases their communication on wisdom. ‘ Whenever you apply wisdom, there are high chances of getting solutions that each party is willing to accept’, he states. Alex also shares with us insights in the field of industrial security, a sector in which he is active, too.

Later on, you will hear from him about how he wants to be remembered – and it’s not really surprising that the legacy Alex creates has something to do with being wise! Also, you will hear his profound advice for each and everyone seeking purpose and meaning.

I’m excited to have you as our today’s guest on Before It’s Too Late, Ltd Col Alex Cann!