It makes me very happy to have 23 years-old activist, artist and movement creator Jammal Lemy as today’s guest.  He has become known to a larger public, when he served as creative director for MARCH FOR OUR LIVES, one of the largest and most impactful youth-led movements in global history against gun violence, after a school shooting in his former High School Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Florida in 2018. 17 people were killed.  You will hear how his idea to create T-Shirts with the American flag and a QR-code on it made it happen for over 50.000 people to scan and register for the March within 2 minutes. “We definitely pushed a conversation forward with organizing and mobilizing”, Jammal says, “and that moment in the movement helped people to connect in ways we have never seen before”.

Jammal is talking about his work at the intersection of art, politics and culture with his own creative studio MODEMA as well as for the artist collective FOR FREEDOMS and expresses in a truly inspiring way what drives him: “my purpose is to connect with people and to introduce people to new ideas and conversations that question what’s happening in the world”. I was very touched by the deep place of reflection and passion from which he is coming in our conversation. Jammal is sharing with us how he creates art in order to survive and what that means to him. When listening to him, you will feel how much he is invested in bringing out the artist and the activist in all of us, so that in the end people feel strong enough to lift their voice and be heard”. Can it get any more relevant in these unsettling times?

Jammal Lemy, we’re proud to have you as our guest today on Before It’s Too Late!

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