In today’s episode, we speak with highly achieved Anne Gordon, who was the highest ranking female in one of the 32 American Football teams when she was heading marketing for the Philadelphia Eagles for more than 5 seasons. Anne is sharing with us, what her biggest learning was in this more or less purely male dominated sport world, the NFL.  How she found the courage to communicate more directly. How she learned to signal: “I’m about to disagree and here is why”. This fascinates me, since I think speaking your mind with arguments is an important element of fruitful conversations that we have to relearn also as a global society.

On a deeper level, we will learn about Anne’s path towards leading a meaningful live. Being dedicated to building a stronger bridge to her inner self, she talks about what she truly feels to be her responsibility towards others. You will also hear how creativity and the arts produce meaning in her life.

I loved Anne’s thoughts about how she creates her legacy. Whilst she thinks of legacy as something that she shapes for her life here and now and not for after she will be gone, she states: “Where are the lives that I can impact? Whom can I touch? How can I help? I want to bring my gifts and experiences through a lifetime of working and offer it to others in a way that’s meaningful”. For her, it’s all about amplifying the strength of others.

Anne Gordon, we’re proud to have you as our guest today on Before It’s Too Late!