It makes me very happy to have Sunil Arora as my guest in today’s episode. I have hardly met people who are able to convey their inner growth process with such richness and wisdom. Sunil is sharing with us his ‘wonderfully weird’ path to his true calling, which was becoming a fulfilled and successful coach. ‘It was both the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and the biggest gift I’ve ever given to myself’, he is telling us about his personal transformation. We will hear from him how he left his life of privilege and forced himself to sit with his own thoughts in a way he never had before. How challenging it was to deal with that open space, in which all of a sudden there was no e mail to respond to, nothing that he had to do. How he dealt with what he calls the ‘soundtrack of expectations”, both internal and external regarding the big, ever so relatable  “What’s next?”-question.

No wonder, Sunils legacy is truly meaningful. ‘Being as conscious, as self-aware and as intentional as you can during the life time you’re given’ – this is how he would love to be remembered, including helping others with being exactly that.

Last but not least, we can also learn from him how to process loss and death. When he was in College, Sunil lost his father –  and this event has shaped him in a deep way. He got involved with a non-profit organization called Experience Camps that creates experiences for grieving children.

So let’s get ready for a profound conversation with wonderful Sunil Arora.