In today’s episode, we are learning from Harvard Business School Professor for Strategy and most successful “After Hours” podcast host Felix Oberholzer-Gee, that happiness is possible in many different versions. He is sharing with us, that for the longest time in his life he thought he wanted to be a carpenter. But when life catapulted him into the elite academic world, he remembers thinking “it was so far from what I had imagined for myself….never I thought that I could potentially be good at this”. I was very touched by this statement, especially because of Felix’ conclusion he is drawing from it. “I have this notion..”, he says, “…that I could have lived various versions of my life with very different results, but with not so different results of how happy I am”. Also, we are learning from him about his love for spontaneous human interactions in the streets, about why it is important to be in an environment where everybody keeps trying their best again and again, and about why Felix has no aspiration to think about legacy. Please join me in this wonderful, insightful conversation!