I’m very honored to have wonderful actress, best selling author and coach Tina Lifford as my guest in today’s episode. Tina is known for the more than 100 characters she’s played on TV and in movies over the course of 36 years, including her current role playing Aunt Vi in the Oprah Winfrey networks series “Queen Sugar.” But this is not so much what we are talking about today. Rather, Tina is going deep about her long, soul-touching inner journey to her true Self. She is sharing pivotal moments when she experienced stage fright as a school girl in 6th grade and how she turned that into her biggest learning chance ever since. “These moments, when you are feeling disconnected from yourself, are important moments to pay attention to”, she says. And: “When we realize, that our issues are a microcosm of a much bigger social issue, then shame and secrecy are unnecessary and unhelpful”. We are also talking about her amazing book “The Little Book of Big Lies”, in which Tina created a program for inner fitness that gives us tools to fight self-doubt and to stop telling ourselves lies about who we really are. No wonder Forbes’ appointed it the best Personal Development Book for 2021. Please enjoy listening to what matters most to Tina in life, something, as I find, we can learn a great deal from for ourselves.

We’re proud to have you as our guest on Before It’s Too Late!