As an Emotional Health Counselor, I show accomplished, spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who feel empty inside, stuck or burnt out how to grieve and heal losses of any kind (death, divorce, separation, business) so they can (re)align with themselves, repair their relationships and find sustained meaning in their lives.

What I’ve found is that many highly-achieving entrepreneurs often chase goal after goal trying to find ‘something’ that will make them feel better. But, they never succeed in this regard. This leaves them with a void that they can’t purchase which propels them into feeling empty inside, stuck or burnt out on the surface. They have been able to have everything they ever wanted, but it’s never enough to take away their sense of unfulfillment.

Does this sound like you? If so, let’s connect to go deeper and help with finding the source.

Their lives actually have become painful because of the ever widening gap between their inner lives and how they show up on the outside. And, this is spilling over into their personal lives, causing them to feel discontent and become emotionally withdrawn from their partners and children.  They will engage in a host of “distraction” activities to avoid the real problem of having to look inward to find the source of their emptiness. At work, this leads them to constantly overwork themselves and this gap (between what they “think” they want and what they actually have) causes them to also be very hard on their employees/teams.

They want to have meaning, make an impact, have a purpose and feel alive through deep relationships, but most of them are stuck and unfulfilled. And moreover, they don’t even know what is holding them back and what to do about their emptiness.

This was also my story. I’m drawing from a rich fund of experience in the most diverse areas of life. After a successful career in the international media industry, when I ran MTV Networks Central Europe, founded and sold TV channels for IAC Interactive Corp., advised JP Morgan Chase in the field of media, and built an art collection I transmuted into an End of Life Caretaker and Emotional Health Counselor, specializing in grief work, trauma healing, shame and depression. Why? Because despite all my successes I came to a point where I felt empty and burnt out inside. Only when I found the courage to face my sadness and my fears I became free and now live a life in alignment with my meaning.

I am convinced that only if we address these well-hidden emotions we are able to feel whole and build the capacity to transform, grow and raise our awareness levels.

Throughout my journey, I have been on a quest for what is truly important in life, for what remains in the end, what outlives us.

My mission is that each of my clients, assuming the hindsight of their future self, will be able to say once on their deathbed:

“This was a meaningful life. It was my life, not someone else’s”.

If you are interested in working with me, please write an e mail for an initial consultation.