As an IPEC Certified Coach, Christiane is dedicated to help individuals live meaningfully.

German born Christiane zu Salm draws from a rich fund of experience in the most diverse areas of life. She was the first woman in Germany to run a TV channel, MTV Networks Central Europe, founded and later sold successfully a couple of more TV channels for IAC Interactive Corp, advised JP Morgan in the field of media, built an art collection, became a hospice worker and best selling author. Throughout her life she has been on a quest for what is truly important in life.

Christiane is partnering with people who might be at a turning point in their life, feeling unfulfilled or stuck in unserving patterns of behaviour.

She helps her clients integrate traumas, unblock limiting beliefs and create meaning.

Her mission is that each of her clients, assuming the hindsight of their future self, will be able to say once on their deathbed:

“This was a meaningful life. It was my life, not someone else’s”.

If you are interested in becoming a client of Christiane, please write an e mail
answering the following question:

Why do you want to be coached by Christiane?