My North Star: teaching entrepreneurs and teams how to realign with themselves so they can live and work at their fullest potential.

As the first female managing director of a TV channel in Germany, I was turning around MTV Central Europe, afterwards re-founding the former TV station tm3 into 9Live and sold it to ProSiebenSat1.

With the sale, I withdrew from the TV entertainment business, served as senior advisor at J.P. Morgan, started a venture fund and built an art collection.

Despite all the success and freedom, I felt like something was missing. On the outside, I had everything one could possibly wish for, but on the inside, I felt empty, burnt out and unaligned.

I was missing true fulfillment. 

Hence, I wanted to explore what really matters to me – and how to live by it.

This quest led me to start working as an end-of-life caretaker. 

The experience at the hospice has dramatically shaped my values, attitude and focus. 

Hundreds of conversations with the dying opened my eyes: 

? Learning how to live a life with diminished regrets

? How to realign my inner with my outer life 

? How to focus on what really matters 

After a decade of hospice work and two bestselling books about it, I decided to teach entrepreneurs and teams how to reconnect to themselves so they can thrive at their fullest potential.

And to experience true fulfillment.

I am convinced that only if we care for our mental health as much as we do for our physical one, we can embrace the ever-growing change and challenges in life.

In my teachings and lectures, I cover:

? How to redefine your values.

? How to realign your inner with your outer self. 

? How to deal with unwanted emotions such as shame, anger and fear at the workplace.

? Innovative conflict-solving strategies.

? Tools for everyday mental health care at the workplace. 

I am a trained end-of-life caretaker and a certified professional IPEC coach.
I hold an MBA with distinction from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany, am an Eisenhower Fellow, and was named Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum.