In today’s episode, my guest is the artist and art teacher Kathryn Cameron. Kathryn is talking about what it took for her to pursue

an artistic education and career, what her parents said and how she managed to make a living before she could live from selling her art. Being a teacher at the New York School of the Arts for ten years, she is explaining to us what specifically she enjoys about teaching art.

Also, Kathryn is sharing with us an existential moment that really transformed her and how she created the largest piece of work so far as a consequence. Ever since, she states, she lived a life true to herself, being at the service of her art, and not letting the art be at the service of her.

I was intrigued by this wise insight and also by the amazing energy, with which she conveyed her thoughts around what it really means to be an artist. When I asked her about her advice for future artists, she came up with a surprising answer. Hear for yourself, and also, how beautifully she articulates her legacy around her art work….

We’re excited to have you as our guest on Before It’s Too Late, Kathryn Cameron!