We’re excited to speak with Robert Ginsberg today, who since almost 20 years has been investigating various types of evidence for that there is life after death – like Mediumship, Near Death Experiences, Deathbed Visions and After Death Communications and Signs. In this fascinating conversation, Bob is sharing with us his own story, what prompted his interest in this topic and how he started to base his investigations on phenomena researched by credible scientists. You will hear about Mediumship and how it works, and also we will learn how belief in afterlife has positive and meaningful effects on grief. Bob is telling us about grief retreats with certified mediums, hosted by his

Forever Family Foundation (www.foreverfamilyfoundation.org), when people with profound grief would change over one weekend, transforming from tears cried of grief to tears cried of joy. “It is all about the powerful connection with our deceased loved ones through mediums”, he says, and you will hear examples for this connection from his own story.

 Bob is the author of The Medium Explosion and currently featured in the Netflix Docuseries Surviving Death. He is also the host of the Signs of Life radio show.

Let’s get ready to learn more about life after death from our guest Robert Ginsberg today!