It makes us very happy to speak with Alison Pena aka Bad Widow in our first episode in 2022 today. As a primary caregiver until her husband of 25 years died in her arms at home, Alison learned a lot about living fearlessly, even in the face of death itself.
In this very honest conversation, she is sharing with us how she and her husband, after the terminal diagnosis, managed to live every minute like it would be their last (until it was their last), and how they recommitted their love to each other before it was too late.
You will hear from her how she overcame her fear of living without him after his death, of being alone until the rest of her live – and how she overcame it. I was impressed by how frankly Alison is talking about her experiences as a widow, when she faced pervasive assumptions that she was broken by her loss, perhaps forever, and how she felt isolated and lonely but could not find resources at first to solve how to reconnect, get back to work and even open up to love again. She is taking us through her journey of recreating her self, a new life and eventually finding love again and is also talking very openly about the shame and judgement that exists around being happy again as a widow.

In order to share her learnings and help others, Alison began, a space for people who suffered a loss too. We will also learn why Alison calls herself a bad widow. Her recently published #1 bestselling book, “The Bad Widow Guide to Life After Loss: Moving Through Grief to Live and Love Again” is now available on amazon.

Please enjoy this meaningful conversation with Alison Pena on Before It’s Too Late today!