We are very excited to speak with yoga ethics activist Monisha Raja today. Born and raised in India, Monisha has been teaching yoga for over 20 years in New York City and started to practice it at the age of four When she contracted Covid in April 2020, she managed to heal herself through her practice of Yogic breathing and asana, much to the surprise of her medical doctor. Ever since, he sends Covid patients to Monisha, who started to teach the ancient Yogi breathing techniques in a class especially designed for patients suffering from Covid. You will learn from her in this episode, how exactly she is doing that and what effects this breathing approach has on the immune system. In this context, Monisha also clears up the misconception of what yoga really is and what it isn’t. “99% of the people do not even know how to breathe properly” she states. I was truly intrigued by her healing approach that helps not only Covid patients, but everybody to maintain their health (monisharajayoga.com). No wonder she has been approached by researchers and interest groups from all over the world. Currently, she is collaborating with scientists and researchers such as Dr. William Bushell, interested in the therapeutic potential and impact of Yoga practice.

Also, she is sharing with us her impressive journey, how her dysfunctional childhood – she grew up in an abusive environment – impacted her wanting to get out of India as soon as possible and how yoga and art helped her do that. You will hear the reason for her ending up in New York, where she went to Parsons School of Design and later on created her own cruelty-free fashion brand “LOVE IS MIGHTY” (loveismighty.com).

I’m sure you will enjoy listenting to the legacy Monisha wants to leave behind other than money. We’re proud to have you as our guest today, Monisha Raja!