We are excited to speak with Dr. James Peyer today. He is the Founder and CEO of Cambrian Biopharma, a Distributed Drug Development Company developing therapeutics targeting the biological drivers of aging. Since he was a teenager, James has dedicated his life to building medicines that can keep people alive and healthy longer than 80-100 years. The mission of his company is to translate laboratory breakthroughs in the extension of healthy lifespan into the clinic, predicting that the world is entering a revolution in biomedical research by targeting the root causes of aging and age-related disease.

In this fascinating conversation, we are exploring James’ approach to meaning – which is striving to maximize the experience of life and not accepting death –  from a religious, a philosophical and a scientific perspective.

You might be surprised by the similarities James is finding with religion, where in order to be meaningful, there was a continuity of the human spirit after life which gives meaning to this part of life. “My philosophy is”, he says, “to update this view to the secular worldview. My goal is to have death be a choice”.

We are learning from him, what is scientifically possible in that regard and what aging actually means. Also, how aging itself has changed over the last 100 years. He is explaining to us, how we are at a “critical juncture for health care in this century”, turning the round from treating diseases like cancer to preventing them.

I was deeply impressed by the substance and profoundness of James’ thinking, which is radical indeed: “The only way to give meaning to a life is to approach each day as if we were indefinite….and the notion, that I will be here for a cosmic blink of an eye detracts from this meaning I give to my life”.

But if really almost everybody chose to live forever –  what would life look like on our already now highly damaged planet, we asked him. Hear what he has to say about this, and also, what the legacy is James wants to leave behind….you will be surprised.

We’re excited to have you as our guest on Before It’s Too Late today, James Peyer!