It makes me incredibly happy to have my logotherapy teacher Batya Yaniger from Israel as today’s guest. What she teaches is all about the individual’s responsibility to find meaning in life, whatever happens to them. Logotherapy – ‘logo’ standing for ‘meaning’ – was developed by Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, who outlined in his famous book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ how this spiritual dimension of thinking helped him survive the Holocaust in a Concentration Camp. In this episode, Batya is talking about how important it is to be consciously creating an attitude of trust towards your own inner voice. Naturally, this is not an easy process, because people tend to lose that trust, blindly following voices outside themselves. “You have to make a conscious decision about things, to actively say yes or no”, she says. You will hear about the 3 fundamental ideas of logotherapy: The Freedom of Will, the Will to Meaning and the Meaning of Life. To me, logotherapy is one of the most powerful spiritual approaches towards human suffering, because, as Batya quotes Viktor Frankl: “There is some kind of value you can squeeze out of any single situation, however bad it is”. You will hear from her what it means to know that you are always able to choose and to change, once you made a conscious decision about it. Listen to what Batya thinks a world would look like in which all people seeked and found meaning….I can highly recommend to take a deeper look at her learning offerings. The internalization of logotherapy’s principles strongly contributes to your resiliency!

Batya Yaniger, we’re proud to have you as today’s guest on Before It’s Too Late.

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Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Israel