In today’s episode, my guest is the award-winning fintech woman Sashi Valtz, who has made a remarkable career in the international banking world. Just one day before she was about to start a new job and climb her career ladder even higher, she lost the love of her life to the ocean. “See you at 11.30 for brunch” were his last words, before her husband never returned home from kite surfing. Sashi is sharing with us how this tragic event changed her and the lives of her kids forever, and how she managed to find mental and physical balance again.

I find it truly remarkable and touching how she has tapped into her inner resources in order to create stability and legacy for her family unit left behind as a single mum: “I needed to come back to what made me happy”, Sashi recalls. Let’s learn from her how she created meaning from her sudden loss, how she rediscovered who she is and what made her feel being herself again.