In today’s episode, Social Sciences Professor and Change Management Entrepreneur Heiko Roehl is sharing with us a pivotal moment when he caused a car crash by hitting a dear on the German Autobahn. After landing his car upside down, he says, “I’ve noticed how much I live under the illusion of control”. We are discussing how the pandemic, likewise, is a global pivotal moment that fosters honesty about who we really are – and how we can use this honesty for us as individuals, organizations and societies to change to the better. In that context, we are hearing Heiko share his ideas for personal growth.
I was impressed by his honesty, with which he describes how he is constantly trying to grow free from social expectations, why he is changing his job every 5 years (“otherwise you start to believe your own bulshit”), and that going where the fear is has always been his motto.
You will also be hearing about what Heiko considers to be his legacy….something I think is very important….but listen for yourself. We are proud to have you as our guest on Before It’s Too Late!