When we dare to grieve,
we are returning to who we are.

Christiane zu Salm is an Emotional Health Counselor specializing in grief work. She is the author of In My Own Last Words: Insights Shared by the Dying and host of the podcast Before It’s Too Late.

In My Own Last Words:
Insights Shared by the Dying

Christiane zu Salm’s best-selling book is now available for an American audience. This poignant collection reflects on what we can learn from the dying about making the most of our lives. In My Own Last Words celebrates the transformational power of grief to make us whole and return to the core of who we are. 

“There’s no one that this book doesn’t speak to, no one who won’t find value in it for themselves. It should be required reading for everyone over the age of twelve.”

—Andrew Postman, co-author of the bestselling Chasing Daylight


Before It’s Too Late is a podcast about what matters most in life. Every two weeks, Christiane zu Salm interviews thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to learn how they found the courage to live a more conscious life in alignment with their true selves. 


Dare to Grieve

Dare to Grieve is a 12-week program that offers private 1:1 guidance for those grieving any kind of loss, whether it be death, divorce, business, or a significant life change.

We live in a grief-denying society. Loss, death, and grief are often the elephant in the room. It doesn’t have to be this way. In intimate sessions, this transformational approach teaches individuals to utilize the power of grief as a doorway to true wholeness, perspective, consciousness, and inner alignment.